Daddy Long Legs


Put one leg in front of the other


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Daddy Long Legs is a complicated arcade game where you control a cute hairy character with very long legs who finds it very difficult to walk. Your job is to help him do it by putting one leg in front of the other ... which is not all that easy.

Gameplay in Daddy Long Legs is very similar to the legendary QWOP (the game where you have to move both legs of an athlete to make him run). You'll have to press the screen in a more or less rhythmic way so your character can move one leg in front of the other and walk.

By default, the character you control in Daddy Long Legs is the eponymous hairy creature with very long legs. That said, you can also control a sort of horse that moves in a completely different way (you have to hold your finger down a bit longer).

Daddy Long Legs is a tremendously difficult game with one of those super addictive gameplays that make you want to always give it one more round. Besides that, its visual style is very appealing, with beautiful colors and excellent animations.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher